Waterproof case smartphone original design




zoi zoi

We have prepared a waterproof case with zoi zoi patterns and illustrations printed on it.
The opening and closing is a type that can be closed with a lock lever with a strong sealing force.

With the epidemic of coronavirus,
How about using a waterproof case to carry your smartphone on the go?
Of course, it is also recommended to use it in underwater scenes such as the sea and pools!

Here, you can operate from the top of the case.
Because it is a made-to-order type, it takes about one week to deliver.
(It may take more time depending on the circumstances of the factory. We will inform the orderer of the estimated delivery date as soon as the production status is known.)

-Supported size (recommended size): Width 80 x Height 160 x Depth 15 mm or less
-Material: PVC material
-Printing method: UV inkjet printing

■ Please be sure to check the compatible size of your smartphone.
The image photo uses google pixl 3a.
(Google Pixel 3a: width 70.1 x 151.3 mm)
■ Depending on the model, the camera part may be hidden in the overall pattern design.
Banana Circus: Transparent background
Other design: Upper cm is transparent
■ Returns and refunds due to incorrect size are not accepted. We are here.

■ When using this product for the first time, be sure to put paper or tissue inside and perform a water immersion test.
■ If there is any damage, stop using it immediately.
■ Do not place sharp objects in the case Do not subject it to strong impact.
■ When you take out the contents after use, please take out this product downward, and be careful not to let water get inside the case.
■ After use, avoid direct sunlight and store in a place that does not get hot and humid.
■ It is possible to use a camera, but please note that depending on the model, the camera may be hidden depending on the design, or the photo may look cloudy because it is inside the case.
(With the sample google pixel 3a, you can take pictures of any design. Please check the size)