Peach Festival Art Poster: Canvas and Poster Hanger Set



zoi zoi

"Peach Festival" Canvas fabric and poster hanger set.

How about as a decoration for the peach festival?

In Kojiki, "peach" is written as "Okamuzumi", and "peach faith" as a fruit to dispel evil spirits has been conveyed.
And it is said that the peach worship is connected to the modern peach festival (Hinamatsuri).

It is a word game of "wolf (great god)" and "wolf (peach)" which are mascots of zoi.
I drew it in prayer for the health and future happiness of the girls.

This is an A4 size that is easy to decorate.
After the Doll's Festival, you can easily insert your favorite poster or calendar!

Canvas fabric (leave cut)

Size: A4 horizontal size
Production area: Made in Japan

Poster hanger
Size: 40cm x 60mm x 20mm
Production area: China
Materials / ingredients: Natural wood / Leather / magnet

By folding the edges of the fabric and sandwiching it between poster hangers,
the fabric changes quickly like a poster!
Simply pinch it with a magnet.

Estimated delivery
2-3 days (Purchase in February is recommended)

Delivery method
Mail service ( No guarantee / Post mailing / tracking) 250 yen
Courier (guaranteed / Handing / tracking) 650 yen ~ < br> * If you purchase with other products at the same time, you may not be able to select Nekoposu.
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* This is a fabric that has been cut.
* The fabric may have creases due to packaging.
Please arrange with an iron etc. after arrival and set.
* Because it uses a very strong magnet, it may cause a malfunction if it is brought close to precision machinery such as personal computers, smartphones, watches, and televisions.
If you are using a pacemaker and bring this product too close, magnetism may affect the operation of the pacemaker.