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zoi zoi

Handmade admission kit
The fabric quality is easy to sew "sheeting",
The recipe uses "quilting" for the lining of the tote bag and shoe case.

Set contents
・ Lesson bag / tote bag
・ Shoe case
・ You can make a cup bag.
Since the 110 cm x 80 cm dough with a margin is enclosed,
add another set of cup bags, place mats (fourth point),
and make additional scrunchies, etc. It is also possible (fifth point).
Please feel free to use the excess cloth!

Kit contents
・ Outer fabric (pattern): 110 cm x 80 cm
・ Lining fabric (quilt): 30 cm x 75 cm (shoes) / 50cm x 75cm (tote)
-Acrylic tape: 44cm (shoes) / 66cm (tote)
-Color code: 40cm < br> ・ D-can: 1
・ Recipe (how to make)

The cup is unlined, but it can be changed to lined (thin to medium-thick fabric) (charged).
* Sheeting fabric

About the color of parts such as strings and tapes
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During the season
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Therefore, it may be offered in a different color from the sample.
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Delivery time
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About resizing
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