[Handmade 3D cloth mask kit] 3 sheets / Adult / Children / Baby patterns / Made in Japan: zoi zoi original fabric

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zoi zoi

Handmade mask kit.
You can choose the fabric quality from "double gauze" and "sheeting".
Rubber is a pleated type.
You can make 3 sizes of "Adult L / Adult M / Child" with the paper pattern.

■ Outer fabric
(40th double gauze or 20) Count sheeting)
20 x 110 cm
100% cotton
■ Back fabric
(40) Count double gauze white)
20 x 110 cm
100% cotton
■ Mask rubber
(Pleated tape)
Width: 6mm Polyester 85% Polyester 15%
* Color changes depending on stock status There are times.
■ Pattern for 3D mask

Please choose one type of cloth pattern or assortment (contents cannot be selected).
* Assortment is about 20 cm x about 36 cm 3 pieces
* Assortment may incorporate the same pattern depending on the stock status.

[Difference between sheeting and gauze]
Gentle touch, easy to dry, loose weave, airy lightness.
The impression is crisper than gauze, it is easy to sew, and the print is clear.

* Gauze and sheeting are general fabric thicknesses produced at Japanese printing factories.

■ Made in Japan

* Caution
Cloth masks have a limit to completely prevent the invasion of fine particles from the outside, so
completely prevent infection. It's not a thing. Please use it as a spare for the non-woven mask.

(May the everyday life without a mask come soon)