[Handmade pleated cloth mask kit] 4-5 sheets made in Japan with adult / child size recipe

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Handmade mask kit.
How about having a cloth mask on hand as a spare, such as when the stock of non-woven mask is exhausted?

You can choose the fabric from "double gauze" and "sheeting".
Rubber is a pleated type.
For adults (L), you can make about 4 sheets, and for children, you can make about 5 sheets.

■ Outer fabric
(double gauze or sheeting) )
20 x 110 cm
100% cotton
■ Backing fabric
(double gauze white )
20 x 110 cm
100% cotton
■ Mask rubber
(pleated tape) )
240 cm (for 4 adults)
Width: 6 mm Polyester 85% Polyester 15%

Cloth pattern Please choose from one type or assortment (the contents cannot be selected).
* Assortment is about 20 cm x about 36 cm 3 pieces
* Assortment may incorporate the same pattern depending on the stock status.

[Difference between sheeting and gauze]
Gentle touch, easy to dry, loose weave, airy lightness.
The impression is crisper than gauze, it is easy to sew, and the print is clear.

* Gauze and sheeting are general fabric thicknesses produced at Japanese printing factories.

■ Made in Japan

* Caution
Cloth masks have a limit to completely prevent the invasion of fine particles from the outside, so
completely prevent infection. It's not a thing. Please use it as a spare for the non-woven mask.

According to the "Mask Effect Simulation" by the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research,
the cloth mask has a lower suppressing effect than the non-woven mask, but
wear it so that there is no gap between the cloth mask and the face. By doing so, the simulation result that the effect of suppressing scattering is enhanced has been announced.
[Citation: RIKEN https://www.riken.jp/medialibrary/riken/pr/publications/news/2020/rn202011.pdf, p11]

Based on the above results, this book The mask created with the handmade kit is a lot of cloth before production, so it is recommended to adjust the pattern to the size that suits your face. Please make it in a size that does not have a gap with your face.

(May the daily life without a mask come soon)