Rompers long sleeve wolf zoi made in Japan baby zoi zoi




zoi zoi

The wolf zoi is derived from zoe, which means "life" in ancient Greek, and
jade "sui", which has long been useful as a talisman all over the world. increase.
Furthermore, it was designed with the meaning of by comparing the belief of Japanese wolves.

As it is in spring and autumn, it can be used as an inner in winter. Rompers that are very active throughout the year.
Available in 70 sizes that can be worn for a long time.
It is also recommended to wear it on the moon-aged photo from the newborn period and enjoy the growth.
A baby wearing a romper explodes cuteness! Even if it is a baby gift, it will be appreciated.

Size: 70cm
Material: 100% cotton, Snap button: Metal
Color: Navy < br> made in JAPAN

Gift wrapping is available (charged).
Please add the desired wrapping from the gift wrapping page .

* Colors vary depending on the shooting environment.