Beeswax Wrap Handmade Kit | 26cm × 26cm 2 |



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Beeswax wrap kit that can be made immediately

Why don't you make a beeswax wrap that you can use again and again at home?
Wrap vegetables in beeswax wrap with a cute pattern to make the refrigerator look fashionable!
The slightly sweet honey scent will heal you.

1. Fabric
Contents: 2 pieces of 25cm x 25cm cut cloth
(1 piece can choose your favorite pattern)

Material: 100 cotton %
Origin: Japan

2. Beeswax / Beeswax
Origin: Japan
All ingredients Beeswax
Purified unrefined
Cultivation method Cultivation
Quality Preservative / additive-free
Colorant / additive-free
Fragrance / additive-free
Country of origin Japan
Shape Granular at room temperature (26 ℃)
Daytime Usability ○
Storage method Room temperature dark place
Storage period 24 months before opening
Please use as soon as possible after opening.

3. Cookie sheet
Number of sheets: 2

4. How to make notes
(iron / Oven / water bath: Please prepare a brush)
Please be careful of burns and fire sources during production

Precautions for use

・ Washing in hot water, microwave oven not available (starts to melt at about 60 degrees)
・ Gently wash with water by hand and dry well after washing.
(Use diluted kitchen detergent if you are concerned)
・ Avoid raw meat and fish and other oily foods

・ Beeswax Avoid acidic foods, lemons and limes as they will dissolve.
Do not use directly or indirectly for infants under 1 year old or those with honey allergies * 1.
・ If you have a specific disease, please consult with your doctor before making a decision.
( There is a case where a 5-year-old child with a specific disease develops botulism. It has been reported. ) * 2

* 1 It is | Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
that honey is given after 1 year old. p>

* 2 5-year-old adult long tube botulinum case | National Institute of Infectious Diseases

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