Book cover handmade kit Academic book A5 size ・ Book size ・ Paperback book size Made in Japan / zoi original fabric

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zoi zoi

Why don't you make a book cover with your favorite pattern

Book cover kit
Choose from three sizes of paper pattern and recipe: academic book A5 size, book size, and paperback book size.
* Please select the size as an option.
・ Bunko book size 1,350 yen
・ Book size 1,450 yen
・ Academic book size A5 1,550 yen

[Kit contents]
・ Recipe book
・ One piece of cloth for the main body (made in Japan)
・ One adhesive quilt core

Thin sheeting fabric that is easy to sew
It becomes fluffy by inserting an adhesive core.
(If you like soft taste, even without interlining)
A type that uses cloth luxuriously on the back and front! It is also possible to make two books by using the cloth at home as the backing cloth.