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zoi zoi

Zoi zoi's popular pattern and Beeslow's honey are included in the gift set!

A gift set that includes a mug of zoi zoi, delicious Japanese honey and herbal tea. Honey is wrapped in pieces of zoi zoi.
We have prepared it at a better price than purchasing it separately (normal single item price: 7,180 yen in total).

・ Mug cup (350ml) / Regular price 3,300 yen
・ Beeslow Spring honey: Hyakuhana honey (100g / made in Japan, no antibiotics used) / Regular price 1,800 yen
・ 5 kinds of herb tea (chamomile, peppermint, lavender, rose, rose hip) / Regular price 250 yen
・ Can badge (55mm) / Regular price 550 yen
・ Tote bag with zoi zoi logo (width 280 x height 180 mm) / Regular price 950 yen
・ Gift purse (free) / Regular price 330 yen
・ Message card (free)

* Since the stock is shared with multiple stores, it is rare when you place an order from the site. may be sold out at the store and may be out of stock.
If it is difficult to receive the item after confirming the future arrival schedule, we will cancel your order without permission.
We recommend that you contact us from the inquiry file for inventory confirmation before ordering.
Inventory management is updated in real time as much as possible, but please note that it should be out of stock.

-Corrected due to incorrect pricing (2021 / 4/10)