A set of 5 lucky bags (36 cm x 36 cm)

¥2,805 ¥3,300

Cloth type:  

zoi zoi

zoi zoi fabric lucky bag!
It is a size that makes it easy to make small items with a size of about 36 cm x 36 cm.
(Because the 110cm width is divided into 3 equal parts, the cloth edge may be included)
Pouch, book cover, bib, mini bag, handkerchief, Luncheon mats, etc.
You can enjoy making various works.

・ Set of 5
* New or unsold fabrics that are not in the product image may be included in the set of 5 increase.
・ Sheeting fabric (handkerchief, pouch, book cover, etc.)
・ Double gauze fabric (styling, handkerchief, etc.)
・Sheeting, double gauze MIX
(You cannot specify the fabric, pattern, or size)
・ Made in Japan

t0> ​​-It is a "product that can be purchased as many as you want" per person.
* Packaging style is subject to change without notice. Please note.