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Sold by weight! Assorted scrap bags

Introducing a great value lucky bag packed in a drawstring purse with illustrations!
We will deliver it by weight.
We have set the price to be 15% more affordable than the regular fabric price.

The size of the break is different.
In addition, the contents of the fabric will differ depending on the order due to the tearing of the stock fabric.
Please note.


Material: Sheeting or Double gauze
Origin: Japan

1) Approximately 50 cm x 110 cm
2) Approximately 100 cm x 110 cm
3) Approximately 200 cm x 110 cm minutes < br>
* The weight is derived from each cut fabric.

Regarding shipping
Delivered in about 2 to 3 days (excluding weekends and holidays)
* Multiple stores and inventory In rare cases, when you place an order from the site, it may be sold out at another store and may be out of stock.
It may take longer than usual to secure inventory.

For lining,
Assuming to be used for the part that touches the skin,
Organic cotton double gauze (plain / plain / White) is available.
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* Size and pattern cannot be specified.
* The fabric is cut into squares and rectangles, but as a bonus, we may add cut fabrics of various shapes.

* Regarding the quality, we will ship as "good product" as the characteristics of the printed fabric and the characteristics of the fabric according to the storage condition regarding the following conditions.
The following conditions are not eligible for returns or exchanges.
Please note the following when ordering.

(1) Color loss due to "fiber streaks: NEP"
(2) "Mixing of threads"
(3) "Print color loss"
(4) ) "Distortion of pattern"
(5) "Fold of fabric"