Handmade steamed bun style kit [Name tag service available]

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zoi zoi

[It currently takes about 5 to 7 days for delivery]

Broad bean-shaped colon and cute bib. Color the neck of your child.
The pattern is "Spring far away if winter comes", where the animals that watch spring in the snow are impressive.
* If you would like other patterns, please let us know in the memo column. We will correspond.

The outer material is sheeted and snappy.
The lining is a recipe made with fluffy quadruple gauze, which is made by stacking two double gauze layers.
The string part uses bias tape of knit fabric.
The part that hits the neck is safe because it is non-formalin.

About the handmade kit

Difficulty ★ ☆☆:
Sewing machine: 20 minutes
Hand sewing: 40 minutes
It is recommended to sew slowly as there are many!

・ Pattern
・ Recipe
・ Zoi zoi dough for the front

・ 2 double gauze for lining
-Name tag * Please let us know your name in the order cart memo field.
-Non-formalin bias tape (knit): for strings

Sufficient for hygiene management
1) Watering before sewing , 2) Wear after production Please wash before.
Also, by watering before sewing, the fabric will be aligned and less likely to fray.

Washing method
Recommended: Neutral detergent, wash in the net

-Dark color print is
t57> Color transfer may occur depending on the characteristics of the fabric.
Wash with plenty of water and
Also, it is safe to wash it separately from other items.
-The fabric may shrink slightly (shrinkage rate within 5%) during washing.
When making clothing, be sure to water it to prevent it from shrinking.
If you make the work without watering it, the work will be easy to fray.

About name tags

If you do not inform us of your name in the memo field, we will ship it without a name tag due to
Please understand.